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Annual Photography Contest
Every June, the New York City Audubon Society holds an annual photography contest.

Below are this year's contest results!


2003 Contest Winners

  1. Alfred Mirabella
Everglades Sunset

  2. Tilo & Janice Samter
Coopers Hawk

  3. Gary Walter
Deer Sunrise

  4. Don Riepe

  5. Mike Unold
Timber Wolf

  6. Alyce Mayo
Baltimore Checkerspot

  7. Ann Littlejohn
White-tailed Deer

  8. Pierre Henri

  9. Barbara Myrvaagnes
Leaf in Ice

  10. Patrick St. John
Ready for Take Off


2002 Contest Winners

  1. Alfred Mirabella
Mandarin Duck

  2. Michael Unold
Raccoon Young

  3. Tilo & Janice Samter
Palm Warbler

  4. Susan Wiener
Lotus Flower

  5. Trudy Fritschi

  6. Don Riepe
Blue Heron and Snowy Egret

  7. Joseph De Sciose

  8. John Van de Graaf
Burrowing Owl

  9. Joan Slatkin
Landscape with Sunset

  10. Jacqui Bonavito
Grassy Dune & Storm Clouds

Thanks to Contestants

New York City Audubon Society thanks all of the con- testants who submitted their entries to the 2002 Annual Photography Contest.

Thanks to Charles Beseler Co. and Clone-A-Chrome

New York City Audubon Society gratefully acknow- ledges the generous donation from the Charles Beseler Co. and the large discount from Clone-A-Chrome for the prin- ting of the winning photo- graphs.

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