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  Prospect Park
Because it is situated on terminal moraine and has a wide variety of soils and vegetation, Prospect Park offers good birding year-round, and is a migration hot-spot. It was designated an Important Bird Area in 1998. There is an environmental education center in the Boathouse, operated by the Prospect Park Alliance and National Audubon Society of New York. Best birding locations are woodland areas overlooking the Vale of Cashmere, the Midwood, the Ravine, Lookout Hill, the Peninsula, Prospect Lake, Lullwater and Long Meadow.

Prospect Park Alliance
Phone: (718) 965-8931

Brooklyn Center for the Urban Environment
Phone: (718) 788-8500

National Audubon Society of New York State
Phone: (518) 869-9731

Directions: Refer to sidebar ("How to Get There")

How to Get There

Prospect Park
Subway: From Manhattan, Brooklyn-bound #2 or #3 sub- way to Grand Army Plaza, F train to 15th Street/Prospect Park, or D or Q train to Se- venth Avenue (near Grand Ar- my Plaza), Prospect Park (near the zoo), or Parkside Avenue (near the lake).

Bus: In Brooklyn, the B41 runs along Flatbush Avenue, stop- ping at several places along Prospect Park.

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