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Chief Dale Bosworth
United States Forest Service
Content Analysis Team - Tongass National Forest
P.O. Box 9079
Missoula, Montana 59807
Fax:  406-329-3556  

Dear Chief Bosworth:     

I am writing to comment on your Wilderness recommendations on the Tongass National Forest. The Tongass is the crown jewel of the National Forest System - a remote coastal rainforest unparalleled anywhere else on the planet.

I urge you to choose Alternative #6, the Alaska Rainforest Conservation Wilderness proposal. This alternative safeguards, for this and future generations, magnificent wilderness areas in the Tongass National. Areas like Ushk Bay, Port Houghton, East Kuiu, Honker Divide, Cleveland Peninsula, Upper Tenakee Inlet and other special places are highly worthy of permanent protection. The expansive tidal flats of the Ushk Bay and Upper Tenakee Inlet, for example, are heavily populated by waterfowl and brown bear. It is also a world-class natural resource popular for subsistence activity, outdoor recreation and tourism.

The other roadless areas your agency evaluated for this process consist of over 9 million acres of wild, pristine forest. It is unfathomable that the Forest Service has decided that none of these areas within the Tongass deserve permanent protection as Wilderness. Choosing the "no action" as the preferred alternative is inconsistent with the values of this one-of-a-kind forest, and goes against the overwhelming support of the American people for strong protection of roadless areas evidenced through the development of the Roadless Area Conservation Rule.

I support permanent protection for roadless forests in the Tongass National Forest. Again, I urge the Forest Service to choose Alternative #6 to protect all areas in the Alaska Rainforest Conservation Wilderness proposal.

Thank you for considering my comments.


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