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The New York City Audubon Society relies on a strong network of volunteers to provide support for a variety of projects. We are currently recruiting volunteers to assist with office coverage, complete special research projects related to conservation issues, and provide support for special efforts. Volunteer now!

  Volunteer Opportunities
Project Safe Flight
Office Helpers
Membership Ambassadors

Bird is the word! New York City Audubon is looking for professional or serious amateur writers to write articles for our newsletter, provide content for our website, and prepare press releases.

NYC Audubon would like to expand our conservation message into the diverse communities of the five boroughs. We are looking for individuals who are bilingual in English and Spanish to translate NYC Audubon materials and to co-lead bird tours.

Project Safe Flight
If you are looking for an experience where you make a difference in a birdís life, join NYC Audubonís Project Safe Flight (PSF) volunteers in rescuing stunned and injured birds that have collided with glass in the canyons of Manhattan. Join us at the Project Safe Flight Fall Orientation on Monday, September 13 at 6:30 pm in the New York City Audubon office. Light refreshments will be served.

Office Helpers
It's never quiet in the NYC Audubon office. Answer phones and emails, assist members, help with advocacy and event mailings. This is a great opportunity to learn the ins and outs of a small non-profit. Morning and afternoon sessions available.

Membership Ambassadors
We are looking for individuals who have passion for the NYC Audubon mission to represent us at fairs, events, and trips, and to call new members welcoming them. Work with Membership Director Emily FitzGerald.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact NYC Audubon at (212) 691-7483.

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If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities, please complete the form below or call us at (212) 691-7483.

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Monk Parakeet Sightings

To chronicle population growth of monk parakeets in New York City, Jennifer Uscher of Columbia University and Andrew Bernick and Jarrod Santora of CUNY-College of Staten Island are collecting data on the location of these 'introduced' birds and their nests.

The following is requested:
Location of nest/bird (be as specific as possible and include street address).
number of birds.
behavior of birds.

Please report your findings to:
Phone: (718) 623-9173

Your Local Newspapers

Do you read your local news- papers with care? We are looking for members in each of the five boroughs to report on stories about current develop- ment / conservation / wildlife issues. In effect, we are as- king our members to serve as our public relations company and send clips our way.

If you have the time, create a short synopsis of the article with points that you think NYCAS would find important.

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