Freelance Writing Rates: How Much Can You Charge?


Similar to Who Pays Writers? the Freelance Rates Database by Contently is a site that lets users anonymously submit information about the projects that they’ve worked on. Note that while the majority of entries in this database are about writing assignments, you’ll also find submissions from designers, photographers, and other freelancers.

How Much Should Freelance Writers Charge? Here are 3 Ways to Determine Your Rates

I wish there was a definitive answer to this question. But the fact is, a freelancer’s rates will depend on several of factors, including your living/working expenses, your experience, and the type of content you’re producing, among other things.

It can be tricky to figure out how much to charge, but with a bit of introspection and research, you should be able to determine the best prices for your services.

In this post, we’ll discuss the steps you should take when determining your rates, as well as the tools you can use for the task. If you’re unsure about how much to charge, this post will point you in the right direction.

Types of Freelance Writing Rates

The first step to deciding what to charge is to know the different types of rates you can set. There are basically five types of freelance writing rates:

Most businesses hiring freelance writers will prefer to pay by the project or by retainer if they’re going to want regular ongoing work. Consumer magazines, online and off, generally pay per word for articles. Trade magazines can be either per-word or a flat fee. Business, technical, and marketing writing work is likely to be priced at a per-hour rate or by the project. Payment by page is more often used in long projects, such as books or manuals, or editing.

How Much Should You Charge?

You’re probably wondering how much you should charge as a freelance writer. Set your rates too low and you’ll never earn good money. Set them too high and you’ll find it difficult to get clients, right?

Well, how much you should charge ultimately depends on how much you want to get paid. But you can get a ballpark idea by first taking a look at the rates other freelancers charge in your writing niche.

Go to search talent, and select the “writing” category. Type a keyword related to your freelance writing niche into the search bar (e.g. “cybersecurity”). Then you’ll see search results of writers in your niche and their rates:

Upwork writing freelancers

You can filter these results to see highest and lowest pay. That will give you a good idea of what writers in this niche are asking for payment, and what their credentials are.

Upwork search results

Don’t Forget to Charge What You Want

Regardless of the rates you see posted on freelancer profiles, the most important thing is to charge a rate that you’d be happy to earn! There’s nothing worse than a writer underpaying themselves simply because they don’t think they can earn more.

The rates you see on Upwork profiles are not the ceiling on what you can earn. Freelancers who market themselves from their own website can earn much more than these rates. One thing I’ve learned from experience is that you can earn however much you want as a freelance writer, if you market yourself to the right potential clients and package your services in the most valuable way. (More on that below!)

How Freelance Writer Pay Is Determined

Freelancers typically get paid by the word, by the hour or by the page/post/project. Paying per word is a great way to set clear expectations and manage your budget. If you offer 20 cents per word for a 1,000-word blog post, for example, you know you’ll spend no more than $200. Setting a word count ahead of time also helps prevent miscommunications regarding payment.

While you can certainly pay by the hour, doing so makes it more difficult to determine how much you can expect to pay for the whole project. The freelancer may take longer than you expected, increasing your overall costs. Hourly pay is best reserved for “extra” services, like interviewing an executive for a business profile or attending a Zoom strategy meeting with your marketing team.

In some cases, it makes sense to pay a flat fee. For social media posts, a flat fee for each post is fair because the writer needs to spend time learning about your brand and tailoring their writing to match the tone of your existing content. Flat fees are also ideal if you have a budget in mind and don’t know how many hours it will take to complete the project.

The Final Word on Freelance Writing Rates

I hope this advice on freelance writings rates from me, other freelancers, and groups has helped you. In the end, though, realize that a “good freelance writing rate” is one that helps you reach your financial goals and one that, of course, your clients will accept.

Avery Wyatt

I’ve been freelancing since 2013, and throughout the journey, I’ve always wished I had a "freelancer friend" who could give me advice and support. Well, I’m going to be that friend for you! I’ve built a successful freelance writing business, and I’m sharing everything I’ve learned here on this blog.


Advantages of Hiring a Custom Coursework Writing Service


If you’re struggling in school with a particular subject or topic, custom coursework writing may be your solution. Many students struggle with certain topics or subjects, which can adversely affect their grades and future performance. These services provide students with quality, customized coursework written by Ph.D. paper writers, who can deliver a paper that meets all your academic needs. The best part is that they’re affordable and suitable for students of all ages.

The best coursework writing services are available online, which means you can communicate directly with an expert to make your assignment more effective. In addition, most of them will format their samples according to the most popular citation styles. Moreover, they’ll let you read sample papers before ordering, so you’ll know whether the paper you’re getting is worth paying for. Most of these services offer discounts to new clients as well, so that you can save some money.

There are many advantages to hiring a custom coursework writing service. They will hire expert writers who have the right knowledge and experience to create papers to your specifications. This way, you can save your time and get the results on time. In addition to quality work, these services also have dedicated writers who are highly professional. Their work is of the highest standard, so you can expect your assignment to meet your expectations. It will be free from stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights from reading a book. It’s convenient too: you’ll be able to specify the deadline and pay upfront. You’ll get your work on time and communicate with your writer throughout the process. After all, most students would prefer to do something else than struggle with a lengthy essay.

Custom coursework writing services can provide you with the quality of academic papers you need. A professional writer will follow your instructions and follow the rules and regulations for your paper. A client will be able to chat with their writer, so that you can ensure the quality of their work. In addition to this, they will also offer you a 15% discount on your first order. They will also do an excellent job of editing your paper for you, which will help you pass your class.

Custom coursework writing services also offer a number of benefits. By hiring experts, you’ll be able to have more free time to spend with family or friends. You’ll also be able to enjoy free time without worrying about coursework. You can even rest assured that your work will be written to the highest standards. A custom coursework writing service can even improve your grades. If you’re struggling to meet your deadline, it’s well worth the investment.

Another benefit of hiring a coursework writing service is the amount of freedom they give you. Some companies offer additional services such as proofreading, ensuring the quality of your coursework is of the highest possible level. For instance, they can help you with the formatting of your coursework, which will make it more appealing to your instructor. By hiring a coursework writer, you’ll be able to choose the type of paper that suits you best and will impress your teacher.

When using an online custom coursework writing service, it is important to find one that offers many different features. Besides offering a free title page, you should also get a plagiarism report. Using a professional coursework writing service is a great way to save time and achieve high grades. There’s no reason to worry about the quality of your assignment. There are several benefits associated with hiring a professional. Check out the company’s website before you pay for their services.

You can also trust the quality of your coursework. Most companies provide quality and unique content that will help you succeed in your coursework. The quality of your work will reflect the quality of your grade. Moreover, you’ll get a free quote. You can even place your order through the website. If you have a tight deadline, you can order a paper in three hours. This service is also affordable and offers discounts. It’s always a good idea to check out reviews and testimonials before hiring a custom coursework writing service.

Helpful Reviews of Custom Essay Services in USA to Read


How to Determine If a Paper Writing Website Is Up to the Task

If you are new in essay writing, finding the right service can be hard. It, however, need not be so as there are ways you can determine if a site is worthy of writing your paper. A website is worthy of mention if it offers you the following.

  • Quality

The best paper writing sites providers ensure that students acquire quality papers. You can entrust an essay writer who has a remarkable track record. Going by the number of essays that they have written and positive remarks they receive from past clients can guide you.

You need a paper that is free of errors and can pass plagiarism checkers. The article should also meet the guidelines of your professor.

  • Usability

A site offering essay writing services should be accessible for you to use. While navigating a page, it should explain how to place an order. A difficult-to-navigate site may discourage you from accessing its services.

  • Delivery

When you want to buy essay service packages, you have to be sure that they will meet your demands. Timekeeping is a quality you should look for in a site. If the writer cannot deliver on time, it will be hard trusting them with an urgent essay.

The time it takes to complete an essay also matters since not all papers are the same. Standard essays can take approximately three hours to complete. Dissertations, coursework, and research papers can take three to five days since they require much work to come up with quality information.

  • Affordable Rates

The custom essay service in USA offers students with reasonable rates they can afford. Writing sites take into consideration that students work on a tight budget. They, therefore, put on prices that are pocket friendly so that any student can afford them.

Look out for a site that offers you bonuses so you can save when you make orders. Be on the lookout though of websites that offer too low rates. They are probably scam sites that will defraud you and not return your money should anything go wrong.

  • Customer Support

When you reach out to the customer support desk of an essay writing website, how fast they respond speaks a lot about it. You would not entrust a site that takes ages to get back to you with an urgent assignment. Look at the comment section to find out if there are complaints about the way they related with previous clients.


When searching for a paper writing site, you may ask around from friends to find out if they have one you can trust. Another effective way is to read reviews of various websites and choose among the top listed ones to order for your essay. Look for quality, delivery, and customer support as the most crucial qualities of a suitable site.

british education system history


british education system history

British education system history
Compulsory schooling begins at the age of five. Pupils first attend primary school, which lasts for six years. Often primary school in the UK is divided into infant school (the first two years) and junior school (the following 4 years).
School in the UK is compulsory between the ages of five and sixteen. Children younger than five can go to a toddler group (accompanied by a parent), playgroup or nursery school.


primary levels explained


primary levels explained

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What are the benefits of the Oxford Levels?
Learning to read means mastering a lot of different skills, and learners progress in small steps. That’s why the 21 Oxford Levels offer a details, finely graded progression – taking learners from their very first steps in reading, all the way up to being skilful, independent readers. Oxford Levelled books use an expertly researched and well-established system for fine-levelling to match children to books that will progressively develop their skills at every step of their reading journey.


5 Tips for Writing a Fascinating Travel Essay



Did you know that you could transform your short trip into features and ideas worth to be read? Honestly, traveling gives one extraordinary experience. That is, it reveals a whole adventure and exciting world, which opens your inner strength and leaves you with unforgettable ventures.

If you are presented with a travel question essay, you will choose one of the best adventures you ever had. This will leave your ideas flowing systematically. Most of us consider traveling as the best way to have fun.

Let us say that you are finally back home from your trip; what can you put down on writing concerning that specific trip. Here are five essential tips that will help you come up with a fascinating travel essay.

  • Make your First Paragraph Enticing

Anyone would tell if your traveling article is exciting or boring by just reading the first Paragraph. Therefore, make it as catchy as possible to win the readers’ attention. Use tactical questioning, dialogue, humor, drama, or even all of them. The bottom line is, make it as robust and reliable as possible.

  • Turn Your Trip Into a Travel Experience

This is where you first consider yourself as both a traveler and a writer. A good writer always puts down some notes or capture those exciting moments or places for review. Do not make your writing lengthy by telling your audience how you traveled and came back, but focus on what you achieved or learned during the trip.

Let your writing display observation and interest. Leave the reader wondering what happened next. Please give them the urge to know more.

  • Self-edit Your Essay

Do you know the importance of editing a thesis? Let your first draft be yours to read. Keenly pass through every Paragraph correcting those tiny mistakes that might lower your rating. Again and again, reading it will help you come across areas that need more or less explanation.

Those sections of your accounts are likely to confuse the reader or areas where you are telling us what you earlier said need to be revisited, rephrased, or even deleted. You might run out of ideas, and you are not there yet. So what would you do? Personally, I would choose to hire someone to write my paper for me, and I would take that break to re-pack my mind. This not only brings out the quality but also the realist in your traveling experience.

  • Maintain a Limpid Story Line

By now, you know that a trip is a series of events and not a story itself. Some functions will be of interest, while others will not. Whatever makes an occurrence interesting depends on how you narrate it. I would have mentioned this earlier enough, but it is not too late to say that your first job is to decide how you are going to flame your story. This is what makes your essay lively.

  • Use Vivid Descriptions

By this, I mean that you ought to take your time. Do not rush a story. The use of words such as ‘incredible,’ ‘unusual,’ or ‘weird’ will leave the reader with the “how” question. These are mare words. Why don’t you tell us more about your story using realistic descriptions? Tell the reader the exact experience that left your trip unusual or weird.

Let your writing display the journey, the people, and the place. You traveled yourself, so let not your paper look like someone else’s trip.


Travel essays can be a piece of cake; the only place that you have to be extra keen on getting your events flowing and twined to your story in the right way possible. There is a difference between telling and showing. Showing is when one slows their writing to explain scenes in detail, such as feel, taste, among others. Telling is moving along the story. In this section, the essay typically switches between telling and the drama in showing.

what age do you start high school


what age do you start high school

Children must stay in full-time education until they reach school leaving age.
Your child must start full-time education once they reach compulsory school age. This is on 31 December, 31 March or 31 August following their fifth birthday – whichever comes first. If your child’s fifth birthday is on one of those dates then they reach compulsory school age on that date.

What age do you start high school
At the age of five or six, the children attend elementary school (also known as grade school or grammar school), which last six years. The fist year at elementary school is called kindergarten.
In the USA, children start school when they are five or six years old. Depending on the state, schooling is compulsory until the age of 16 or 18. Children younger than five can go to a nursery school or preschool.

Enrolments are now open. Contact your local public school to apply to enrol. Please return your application to your local school by Friday 24 July 2020.
In Western Australia, children can start their education in Kindergarten, however compulsory schooling starts the following year in Pre-primary.

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What age do you start high school
Our pages are formatted to be printer-friendly. Simply click and print.
This information was produced by the staff of the Belin-Blank International Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development (B-BC) at the University of Iowa ( The resources and information listed here are for informational purposes; there is no direct or implied endorsement by the B-BC. Services provided by the B-BC include programs for academically talented K-12 and college students, professional development for teachers, the Assessment and Counseling Clinic, the Acceleration Institute (, and graduate programs and research in gifted education.


primary school grades uk


primary school grades uk

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Primary school grades uk
If you use assistive technology (such as a screen reader) and need a version of this document in a more accessible format, please email [email protected] . Please tell us what format you need. It will help us if you say what assistive technology you use.
This leaflet is for parents with children in primary school.

Primary school grades uk
Mandy is the creator of the Woodlands Resources section of the Woodlands Junior website.В
The two websitesВ projectbritain.comВ andВВ are the new homes for the Woodlands Resources.
Mandy left Woodlands in 2003 to work in Kent schools as an ICT Consulatant.В
She now teaches computers atВ The Granville SchoolВ andВ St. John’s Primary SchoolВ in SevenoaksВ Kent.

Primary school grades uk
School in the UK is compulsory between the ages of five and sixteen. Children younger than five can go to a toddler group (accompanied by a parent), playgroup or nursery school.
Compulsory schooling begins at the age of five. Pupils first attend primary school, which lasts for six years. Often primary school in the UK is divided into infant school (the first two years) and junior school (the following 4 years).

Please use the table below to find the suitable level of Wolsey Hall course for your child.
Note that at Wolsey Hall we believe that children should study at the level best suited to the point they have reached in their studies, rather than their age. For example if your child is gifted in a particular subject, they may be able to start a Wolsey Hall course a year or so ahead of the school year they would be in had they been in a traditional school setting. Similarly, if your child needs extra support in a subject we may recommend they start a course at a lower level. This will help your child to set securely in place the knowledge and understanding they’ll need to proceed to the next level.


public school definition uk


public school definition uk

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Some other schools are inspected by the School Inspection Service.
All private schools must be registered with the government and are inspected regularly.

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